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Transcendental Meditation

Forty thousand Irish people have learned Maharishi Mahesh Yogi's Transcendental Meditation(TM) technique over the past 50 years. They are more relaxed, clear-headed, healthier, energetic, focused and loving as a result. Although they take time out of their busy schedules to practise the technique for 20 minutes twice daily, they feel the benefit in terms of greater interest in life, work, family and friends and they enjoy interacting with people in a more meaningful way.

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What is TM?

YouTube Preview Image Transcendental Meditation is effortless, pleasant, and very effective. It gives you an opportunity to gain direct access to a realm of profound calm and peace in your mind.


YouTube Preview Image Practising the Transcendental Meditation Technique is a way to help dissolve stresses and to quickly enjoy life to the maximum.

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